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No Optifine?


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Well im setting up a third server on my network for Tekkit and i relized unlike classic there is no optifine. Why might this be? I have been crashing left and right and although i have a decent computer Optifine would fix a lot of the crashing and lag.

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Optifine is a very fickle mod. There are multiple versions of the mod designed for various hardware set ups and on top of that, Optifine does not work for everyone (as in it causes worse performance for some users, or in mine and several others cases, it causes crashing on start up). Since it is impossible to predict individual's needs with Optifine, it was left out. It is very easy to drop Optifine on top of the Tekkit install, as well. So players who need it and know which version of Optifine works with their computers, are able to add it. :)

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