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Gem Armor Powers In SMP

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So I'm absolutely adoring Tekkit, and my friend has been hosting a server for a few people. I spent almost a week getting the items I needed to make the Gem Armor set, but when I did the powers didn't work, even when they were toggled on. Someone told me I could try going to SSP, spawn the armor there, turn it on, then go back to SMP and it would work. So far from what I can tell, if I turn on both movement and offensive abilities in SSP, then when I turn on the powers in SMP the following work: Lighting Strike (helmet), Explosion (chest), and Ascending (boots). Gravity Greaves don't work at all, and I don't constantly sprint with the boots on. I still hear the falling damage sound play when I hit the ground from high up, but take no damage. Upon turning on movement powers in SMP, the following two messages display:

RM Infernal Movement Enhancement Active.

Armor movement powers on.

If I toggle it again it says: Armor movement powers off.

However, they still remain on. Toggling offensive powers in SMP will turn them on and off though. I haven't tested to see if I drown (helmet) or take fire damage (chest) yet.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this issue?

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Seems to be a problem overall, bit annoyed as I have full gem armor and someone with nano armor takes no damage while I take all the damage. and, I cannot use half the abilities. Please fix this soon :(

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IIRC it's a bug with the version of equivalent exchange that is in tekkit so it will only be fixed when tekkit is updated, which will be whenever it is done.

There might be a version of EE with the bugs fixed that works with the version of MC and buckit in the tekkit pack. If there is then, with some work, you could update the mod yourself.

Otherwise I think you'll be waiting for the new version of tekkit.

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