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Bukkit Plugins, Help?


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I've been trying to use Bukkit Plugins for my VOLTZ server, which is hosted on www.exodushosting.net

It didn't work using the Voltz.jar file, so I tried to install MCPC+ Legacy 1.4.7, by placing it in CoreMods, but I keep getting the same error message; "...does not contain a valid JAR manifest - It will be ignored."

It ignores the file, meaning I still can't use Bukkit Plugins.

The plugins ARE 1.4.7 (WorldEdit), and work fine when running a normal Craftbukkit.jar server, but don't work at all when running the Voltz.jar server.

I've been trying to fix this for days now, and I opened a Support Ticket with Exodus, but they couldn't recognise the problem. To be frank, this is pissing me off.

If anybody can help me with this, I will seriously fly over to your home, and give you a hug.


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