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MineMod Tekkit | A New Dimension

Ladies and gentlemen, we're pleased to announce that MineMod is opening a Tekkit server. Tekkit has been at our core for some time, we started up as a Tekkit server some eight months ago. In late 2012 we dropped the pack after support was left at 1.2.5

We are now confident that 'New' Tekkit will continue to bring you modded enjoyment from a well trusted community. Our new server is Grief/Raid, but with the added feature of Factions to help you colonise the world with your friends.

Our staff are always mature and our hardware is located in Europe, professionally hosted in tier 3 and 4 data-centers. With admins around 24/7 we're confident our uptime will satisfy your gaming needs.

Server IP: tekkit.minemod.org



Twitter: @MineModEnt

MineMod's New Tekkit Trailer

We've disabled Dimensional doors and Mystcraft for now. They both add unreasonable strain on the server.

MineMod was founded in July 2012. Since then we've grown to the point where we now supply The Official Servers to both the Voltz pack on Technic and the Ampz pack on FTB. We also support Mindcrack and are always investing in new and interesting projects.


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Logging in now!

edit: It's looking great! What's in the future for this server?

Galacticcraft's getting a few new planet's I believe in the next version. Other than that we're open to any community suggestions, if you've got an idea feel free to put it forward on the forums.

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