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Tekkit Fixes


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Fully Charged cannon can bypass protected areas and omni wrench can cause server crash


Open Config folder find mmmPowersuits.cfg

-Set Plasma Cannon.Plasma Explosiveness.Voltage.multiplier to 0.0

-Set Omni Wrench to false

Steve's Carts

Drills can Grief protected areas.

Open Config folder find StevesCarts.cfg





Balkin's WeaponMod fixes:

Dynamite and Cannons can bypass Protected Areas

open balkin weaponmod.properties

mod --> weaponmod --> weaponmod.properties



Suggested Bans (TekkitCustomizer suggested)

-Backpacks(dupe glitch)

-Omni-Wrench(using an omni-wrench on anything galacticraft causes server crashes)

-Melee turtles (bypass PvP protections)

-Battleaxes (bypass PvP protections)

-Teleport Tether (chunk loader consumes more server memory)

- Dimensional Anchor (chunk loader consumes more server memory)

-8807:31 dynamite (bypasses protected areas or pvp)

-8809:6 dynamite (bypasses protected areas or pvp)

- 5040 dynamite (bypasses protected areas or pvp)

Bugs WITHOUT fixes:

- Stirling engines when heated to 1000c infinitly explode without stopping until

destroyed or turned off

All of these fixes were found by two server owners working together, if you have any other fixes please make a comment below and ill try to include them in the main post.

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