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[1.0.6] SchemeSanctum - Factions [PvP, Grief and Raid] [120 Slots]

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(forum staff i know this is the seccond post for this server but i had to take over. the pther one can be deleted)


hey there! you are about to learn of the best server in technic history! we are an open, active and friendly community which supports their players and have fun with them. while on the server, we will try our best to make everyone have fun.


  1. dont spawnkill
  2. dont use exploids
  3. be polite to staff members
  4. have fun (yes, this is required.)


even with our massive amount of RAM and fast proccessor, we use as little plugins as possible to maintain a laggfree server.

we use:

  1. essentials
  2. permissionsEx
  3. modifyworld
  4. essentials
  5. disablecraft
  6. worldguard
  7. worldedit


current staff:

  • owner: SuperNerdyHarry
  • head admin: Fondelaar (me)
  • Admin: tieno1 and some other guy
  • mod: silencekillerdop, tacusin.

we ARE looking for staff.

post will be expanded as the server grows. info such as donations, screenshots and gameplay will be added.

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