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Hey guys,

My mates and I are new to Tekkit (downlaoded it a few days ago). We want to add the updated versions of some mods that are in the tekkit lite that the new Tekkit doesnt have.

eg. Railcraft, Nuclear power and what not. How do i do this form a server Op perspective and as a normal user

I'm still pretty new to the whole mods thing, up till now, I've been using Magic launcher and just 2 mods. So, what im saying is, be descriptive when it comes to explaining how to do things, because a high chance I wont understand it straight away :P

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it can be as simple as just placing the mods files into the mods directories on both server and clients.

You may run into block ID conflicts (Java errors on server startup, read through them and it'll say something like "ID: 1002 is allready occupied by Forestry.oreBlock.Apatite")

To fix this, remove the mods, launch the client, NEI Options -> Dump available ItemID's, and use a free slot to reconfigure the Item ID that is conflicting (in the configs/modname.cfg text file).

Then it's just a matter of sharing the modified config files along with the mods.

Good luck!

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