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End of Stream, can not connect to server anymore

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Hey Guys!

I've now been playing on a tekkit Server ( for a while, not experiencing any problems. But today I got kicked with the well-known "Connection reset"-message. OK, nothing new. Just restarted Tekkit and connected to the server. "End of Stream". Tried again, same message. Everytime I try to connect, I'm failing.

Well, I thought the problem could be on client side, so I reinstalled Tekkit like 3 times, java 2 times and did a router reset 2 times. But still "End of stream" -.- I logged on with a friend's acc and everything worked perfectly, just my acc won't work.

The server admin says I'm not banned, so that's also not the problem.

So, what could cause this problem? What could the server admin do to solve it?

I hope you can help me, I'd like to enjoy Tekkit again as soon as possible.

Greetings from Germany


[EDIT] It works now, admin deleted my acc from Server Database. I lost a nano suit and some diamonds, but that is worth it playing Tekkit again.

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I had a very similar problem just yesterday and I was able to solve it quite quickly because of an issue I'd had with Technic SSP a week ago.

Do you happen to be using Chunkloader blocks? I had a connection termination then constant 'End of Stream' kicks on login. As I know Chunkloader can be buggy (having recently locked horns with the thing previously) I remembered that the most recent thing I'd done was set a Chunkloader block fairly close to where I first crashed out of the server. My friends were still connected so the server was ok.

To cut to the end, I stopped the server, went into the world using MCEdit and deleted the Chunkloader block I'd placed. After that everything was fine, I've not had a problem connecting since.

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