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Annoying Energy Bridge "input/Output LIMITED" message

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ok so i know that if im drawing too much or not enough power then ti leads to that message

i have a medium voltage solar array hooked up to a mv consumer, to the energy bridge to the BC producer, which is hooked up to a phased teleport pipe

Output 1: a collection of fully automated machines hooked up to a pretty hefty ME network

Outpout2; the controller for my ME network, i have a molecular assembly chamber which has 2 pattern providers and 6 crafting cpus, 3 ME chests, 40 ME cables, 8 ME Ex-ort Buses, 7 ME import buses, and im also trying to set it up as an energy condenser, as it seems its not a very good idea, my quarry is running constantly at 30mj/t thanks to my "limited" solar panel

im not sure, how would one count how many solar panels or eu/t would be needed to maintain an optimum level? no matter how many BC producers or mv consumers per array i cant get it to stop limiting...

its inputting at 128 eu/t (2 medium voltage arrays)

and flickering from 58mj/t to 0mj/t back to 58mj/t, i seriously cant figure this out ive been messing with the solar panels a good 3 hours now

any help would be greatly appreciated, if you guys need pics ill put some up

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