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Moon Graphics Issue


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So I never post anything because I consider myself to be pretty handy with problem solving, but I've tried everything that I can think of with this issue and have decided to come here and see if anyone could help. I finally made it to the moon, but when I arrived everything but the surface of the moon was pitch black. Even chunks that I broke free showed solid black. I explored a bit and found a Space Testificate village and noticed that from certain angles the color came through.

I run Soartex texture pack, so I switched to Sphax, then to the default; no change. I run Optifine D1 Ultra I believe it is so I tried removing that and now everything is completely black. My computer can run most modern games on Ultra settings and not miss a beat and I never have graphics issues with MC, so if you have any advice, please share, because I was so looking forward to a moon base with my friends.

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It might still be the night vision. I've noted some problems with night vision not turning off properly at times. It stays on for a minute or two, then maybe pops off.

I do know that CanVox has confirmed that there is an issue with night vision in dimensions. Which I believe the moon is technically a dimension.

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