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Tekkit And Voltz

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Hi, i would like to know if it is possible to mix Tekkit (main) and voltz.

If it is and if u would have the mod platform i would really like to play it. Or if someone could tell me how to mix them without having the minecraft has crashed screen everytime, i would really like some help. Thank you

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1. Put all the zips and jars in the right place

2. Fix id conflicts

3. Profit

1. Voltz is 1.4.7, not 1.5.1 so total incompatability

2. Good luck getting there with mod version incompatability

3. Good luck doing that in any way.

A real way to do this would be to download tekkit main and use it as a base where you would add updated mods from Voltz andmake it into a pack.

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