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Hi everyone im announcing my new server setup to the public!

I plan for this server to be an all out war between the players on it, featuring factions so people can easily team up and take down!

Cryodo and I will also be featuring a couple of dungeons/site-seeing zones with epic lootz to try and keep the server interesting over time.

info: ip -


20 slots - this may change

server is running VOLTZ 1.0.13 - why? - nuclear weps, nuff said

ps make sure you change volts to 1.0.13

the end is disabled. - why? - during tests i found that going to the end would cause many electrical connections to disconnect.

rejuvenation explosives are disabled - Why? - i want the land to be scarred, craters/ ruins ect. it just looks cooler.


This is the first official open server I'm running.

so if you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, reports or requests send me a PM.

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Hmm... Cool one question? would me and my freinds be able to run a series on here. We are a new group called mobster gaming we are going to be doing lots of minecraft stuff. Mod reviews, tekkit, volts the lot.

And if so would i be able to have your skype if you have any questions?

We would advertise your server for free on youtube and bring 5-6 new players (my team) onto the server.

If this is allowed thanks and if not thanks anyway.


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