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Making server can't decide between 2 plugins!

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Hey, I can't decide between 2 plugins which are Factions and Towny. I made a CraftBukkit Factions server which no one joined due to soo many of those servers already made. Trust me it was really good we had head drop, orb healing... lots more. So now i want to convert to Tekkit! Although i'm quite new to the servers etc and just want to know which plugin 'Factions' or 'Towny' would get more players and more people that would stay on. Also if you guys could include extra info that might get me more players i would be VERY grateful!

P.s anyother type of server i should make? <---- which would get good amount of players?


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Factions is easier to setup, but you'll have to trim the one-player factions.

I'm pretty good at setting up plugins so thats not much of an issue. But trimming the one player factions? How can i do that like just ban people if they are on their own? Also with Towny won't players be more keen to invite players into their town considering you can claim your own area within the town?

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Oh, you can claim land in Factions, too. And you're not banning the singletons, just revoking their faction.

Whats is revoking? I know factions can claim land, although can say a normal players of a faction claim his own patch? So he can't get betrayed? Thanks for replies

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