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Looking for more people to play tekkit with

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Hello, a few of my friends and I (4 total) have a tekkit server and were looking for more people to play. We are all 15-16, east coast, and play often. However, there is some criteria to meet:

Age: 14+

Skype: Would be nice

Time Zone: Name yours

Experience: List


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Hey, my IGN is the same as my forum name. I am 15 and live in Virginia, so I am also on the east coast. I have a Skype account and am willing to use it. I play often and have a lot of experience with Tekkit classic. I've been looking for a small server to play with little to nothing banned. I had found one like this a while back but was banned due to being falsely accused of griefing. Because of that whole situation, I am looking for a similar situation , with the key difference of not having my side of the story never heard because the moderator was friends with the one accusing me.

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Hey my IGN is OnlyUseUrMom. I am 16 and i live in Florida, so i am also east coast. I do have a skype account and i will talk to you guys when we play. I have played countless hours by myself on tekkit classic and i have played on another server but the owner stopped playing. Now i just want to play on a server that will hopefully last.

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Age: 14+ 16

Skype: Would be nice Aaron.soares2

Time Zone: Name yours East coast- Massachuttes

Experience: List ive played for a while but took a long break for about 6 months and im pretty good with most of the mods love ee and build craft

Comments: i would just love to join your server i like playing with people my age and just a small community make some friend laugh i would just love to join

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