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  1. My IGN is the same as my forum name. I am 14, and live in the central timezone. I do have a skype. I have been playing minecraft for over two years and have been playing tekkit for about a year.
  2. Hi. I'm looking for 2-3 to play with. I'm starting a new world and can leave my server up 24/7. I am 14 years old and live in the Central Timezone. I play mostly afternoons and nights.
  3. In game name: noobkiller526 Age: 14 Location: Illinois, USA Are you currently banned from any servers?: Nope Minecraft experience to date: I've been playing minecraft for about 2 years and tekkit for about 8 months. A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server: I want to finally find a tekkit server where I know my items will be safe and there is a great community. I'm tired of the massive 100 slot open servers where griefing and stealing is rampant and you can never get any real work done. I feel I can provide a good addition to the community. I can build factories, sorting machines, and everything in between. I am a fun, easygoing dude, and I am eager to join the server.
  4. Name/Nickname: Jason/Sin IGN: Noobkiller526 Age: 14 Time Zone: CST Will you use Ventrilo? (to talk / interact with the community): Absolutely! I think it is a great way to communicate and would really be useful for a game like minecraft. Will you be a dedicated player on our server?: Assuming all goes well, yes. I want to be able to be constantly making new machines and contraptions for the community. Why should we add you/a little bit about yourself: I am 14 years old, as stated above. I live in Illinois, and am just your typical american boy. I am likable and am told I have a good sense of humor. I love minecraft, and have been a fan since I bought it back in alpha. The Tekkit modpack makes it so much better though, as there is so much to explore and no two people will ever have the same experience with it. I am just tired of the huge open servers that are plagued by griefing, and just want to find a home with a good community and nice people. If all goes well, I will have that.
  5. IGN:noobkiller526 AGE:14 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?:Never Banned WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? You can play however you want and there is never any endgame or limit to what you can do. WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? I can bring cool machines to to random stuff, great builds using various tekkit machines, and I am pretty darn funny!
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