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Coins..... Can someone explain the coins to me


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Edit: Just kidding, derped all over the place. The coins come from Metallurgy2: Precious Metals mod. You have to craft them in a mint, but for what they do? I guess in a SMP environment they would allow for a more dynamic economy. I think, but could be wrong, that villagers also have a chance of trading stuff for coins. The M2 MCF thread.

Edit 2: I had never messed around with the mint before so I spent the last couple of minutes trying different ingots to see which ones could be pressed. The ones I had success with were: Silver (15307), Gold (266), Platinum (15357), Brass (15407), Hepatizon (14457), Electrum (15457), and Angmallen (14557). I tried most of the ingots in the game, but of course I could have missed a few.

As for how how many coins each ingot nets you, I leave that up to somebody else; the wiki has some numbers but I don't know how accurate they are.

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