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How do you even install Voltz?

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Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble installing Voltz, as I used to have a (I guess) outdated launcher, which would not install voltz. But after downloading the new launcher, It says "add new pack" on the left side, and when I click on it, I need the "technic platform delivery url". What is the url I need for voltz?

the new launcher is very unclear, someone help me please?

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It fairly simple, actually.

First off, voltz is part of what comes with the launcher as default, so it should actually already be on the left side (try scrolling up/down), and the "add new pack" is for custom modpacks. To install a custom modpack, go to the packs page on the technicpack.net website, and click "copy platform url" or something nearish the top, then paste it into the launcher and play.

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