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World War Voltz: Just another friendly Voltz Server


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Hello thread viewers, I have started hosting a Voltz server where 4 teams of either 1,2,or 3 people compete to see which team is the last team standing. I will be making a Youtube series out of this.


1.No using red matter or anti matter at all NO EXCEPTIONS

2.No spawning items in

3.If you die from a player or bomb/missile you are dead

4.If you die from mobs/environment you can respawn

5.If you join the server you must be committed to the times everyone agrees to go online

6.Remember its just a game (NO RAGEQUITS)


I will only be accepting 11 of you guys at max (any skill level) so try to convince me to pick you.

Also tell me if you want to be alone or on a team.

I am recruiting two people for my team, I will take the first two people who ask.

REMEMBER: this is for youtube so if you want your team's Point of view in the video you need to tell me and give me the footage.


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That Actually Would Be Really Fun To Do. If There's 4 Teams Would They At Least Get Some Starter Items?

But Being On A Team Or Not Just Depends If You Get Starter Items Because If We Do I Can Go Solo.

I will be providing some starting items. You will also get some free time to build your teams base.

I have accepted you into the server.

Can you give me your minecraft name so I can whitelist?

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