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  1. The server ip is There are no mods removed. There is also no banned items and everything is allowed. We are also looking for staff join and msg me. The server will be up 24/7. We have essentials.
  2. IGN Frazer77 AGE: 15 GMT+/-: +10:30 Something about yourself: i play Minecraft most of my time. Secret No quarry's in Main world
  3. I would like to MY ign is Frazer77
  4. That is so true but people just don't read.
  5. there probably will be a huge lot of errors and the items from Tekkit Lite well the ores will be gone so there will be a whole lot of empty that's if it works if it doesn't then errors galore
  6. I own 3 servers you could do it on one of them. Add me on skype frazer.perry1 if you want to.
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