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  1. When I read the line about being the final update for 1.4.7 I assumed this meant the next update would be 1.5.*+ not the final update for the pack.
  2. I currently have a world on a server that has been playing Tekkit Lite on 0.6.1 for quite some time now, and I am interested in changing this to the new tekkit modpack. I know they are very different and I may as well be converting tekkit classic to FTB in terms of mods, but apart from loosing items in the world, would there be any other issues? Will the console be filled with errors? Unstable world? Or would it be fine just with gaps in inventories and walls where the missing items used to be? Thanks for any/all help given
  3. I have this problem too and I have multiverse installed too. However my additional worlds have become unstable - more than a few seconds in there and suddenly all the chunks vanish, then spending too long in there crashes the server. Any ideas?
  4. I *think* you can use the minium stone to change a dye to another colour, then that colour to another and so on. I could be mistaken, but I think its possible. Although if that's correct, the lapis in your chest is still only useful as dyes.
  5. A combination of the blacklist in world guard and Tekkit Customizer, but the settings in the latter need to be changed drastically for tekkit lite.
  6. Exa Exactly. I run a tekkit lite server and have had to ban more items than I expected. Explosive items that bypass player claims, a couple of weapons that get past the no-pvp, and items like chunkloaders and void chests that bring the server down. There's also at least one item I know of that duplicates items and that's been banned, and the auto-crafting table also as it crafts banned items. Most players understand why these have to be removed. You can't please everyone, but its easier to slightly restrict some play to everyone, than to manually deal with everyone who's home gets destroyed.
  7. Hope none of the admins on servers you play on see this post...
  8. I run it fine on windows 8 x64 with just 1gb assigned. I did need the latest version of Java though.
  9. I currently run a server using BukkitForge, would you recommend this method instead? If so, is the process to change as simple as removing the bukkitforge jar and adding mcpc in the correct location? Or will that produce errors?
  10. Thank you so much! I have needed something like this for so long. I lost so many buildings to the mining laser. Seriously, thank you!
  11. I haven't found a working set up for blocking items yet. Essentials seems to do nothing protection wise, all I can use in Essentials are commands and Group Manager. Desperately need one though, I've lost a lot of buildings to the mining laser.
  12. Same issue, I recently changed some other settings so I was unsure what was causing the problems, but if others are experiencing it too that would make sense.
  13. Anyone have any luck with Factions? Or does world guard work with the golden shovel yet?
  14. I would also like to know this, I tried NEI with code chicken core, but that also just crashed it. Ideally I would like to add mods like Divine RPG and Mo'Creatures, that type.
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