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Galacticraft space station troubles?


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Hey all, Im not the first person to encounter this on our server, but it has just happened to me, so its time to put some time into resolving the issue :D

People are getting random holes appearing in there space stations. They seem like chunk errors, as pipes or conduits leading into the area just stop dead as if what they were connected to is still there. But its not, just empty space. Water sources stop flowing on the edges of the empty space, unless you replace them, in which case they flow into the empty spaces as normal. They arent the size of a chunk, so its not whole chunks that are affected. But its very very annoying.

We are running 1.0.5 version of tekkit, with bukkit forge, lwc protection, essentials and probably other plugins. Im not the owner so cant be more exact than that.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I was hoping to extend my station exponentially and move everything up there permanently, but I dont want to login one day and find the entire ME network missing lol.

Any help, very very greatly appreciated.

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