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My Issues with EE + Tekkit + bukkit protections

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Hello everyone,

I have finally become a decent user with tekkit from a server backend. I have a few issues.

I am not writing this in the bugs section because I believe there may have a fix/solution for this.


Equivalent Exchange:

I have tried to contact the Equivalent Exchange but was banned from IRC chat since they are disgruntled about tekkit using their mod.

My Issue with this mod is the fact that it bypasses the world protections! (Factions, Worldguard, essentials spawn).

List of items that bypass bukkit protections

Morning star, Dark matter hammer, philosophers stone, destruction catalyst, rings, catalytic lens, and much much more.

Every morning I wake up and the spawn is missing..

2: Equivalent Exchange 2:

Grief from equivalent exchange is not detected by logblock or bigbrother.

I have searched the forums and resolved a few known issues with tekkit:

Block placement tekkitpatch.jar fixed this - Thanks

Diskdrive.jar fixed the computer disk. - Thanks

So what I have left is the major issue EE brings to the balance of multilayer. The special abilities that EE has will always bypass the safezone from factions. Does anyone have a resolve for this?

Currently half of EE is blacklisted from Modify world (Premissionsex) and my users are very angry.

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I am equally a disgruntled server admin

I have a big cathedral as my spawn, and my players discoevered that you can turn the arches into sand and make them fall =.=

Ive been having problems getting modify world to work for blocking the Philosophers stone, could you offer me any advice?

I am using both PEX (the old one for 1.1R3) and modifyworld enabled

I am currently trying to set regulars with the permissions " - -modifyworld.item.use.27526.on.block.* "

i think my permission " - modifyworld.*" might be causing the above permission not to work, but when i removed the modifyworld.* users items get deleted >.<

Am i correctly using modifyworld to block item usage?

Thank you if you can offer any help :D

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