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Machines use energy they don't have and some machines use too much


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I am able to smoothly run machines requiring around 26kW total on only 5kW of power. The energy travels in the order of (2) solar arrays (9.6 kW) >advanced energy cube (9.34 kW) >basic energy cube (9.33kW) >basic energy cube (5.34 kW) >machines. Is this a problem specific to 1.1.4?

EDIT: I should also note that the machines don't work if no electricity is being produced at all.

EDIT2: Forgot to say that the energy cubes do run out of energy like they should, the machines just keep working as if enough electricity is still flowing

EDIT3: Possibly related: A single enrichment chamber will drain my energy cube even when I have 18kW of power coming in

EDIT4: I should also probably say that I'm using a basic energy cube to step down the voltage coming from an advanced energy cube

EDIT5: It turns out my generators are generating about 5kW each, not nine. Still should be enough for an enrichment chamber

EDIT6: The energy cube at the facility is only outputting about 5 watts of power, due to resistance. Also updated post with new information

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