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Is Tekkit Classic still alive?

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Hello everyone, the day is nearly there to announce our server to the public after 6 months of maintaince. I'm shure some of you have already seen some sneak previews of this server and it's content.

But, after hearing many opinions about ''how alive is tekkit classic'' I've started to doubt. And ofcourse we will launch our server but as being a player you dont want to be dissapointed. The same counts for the server owners. So my question is... How alive is Tekkit Classic, will there still be people playing?

It would be a huge waste of those 6 months developping simply because we strive for perfection and this is what we currently have. Massive things sorted out in the smallest details. A fully complete RPG gameplay experience with quests and complete custom build adventure maps. Each of them with the goal to be better then whatever we have found on youtube, google and ofcourse all kinds of tekkit forums.

The practical idea I have now is to launch the server anyway and while being online it will cost some more time but I will work backstage on another server to make the server up to date with the newest CB.

Thanks for reading if you did, but like I said all I want to ask with this topic is if tekkit classic is still alive?

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