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[1.0.6]Super-Blue Alpha[PvAll][20 slots][vanilla tekkit][Super-Lag][Super-Friendly]


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I needed Hamachi for this, which I didn't know when I made this post. New costem modpack server on this computer: >[latest or second-to-latest]Immortal.extended[PvA][5 slots for now][super-Blue][Hamachi][creative/survival]]


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Please come!


This is a Disguiscraft(disguisecraft.pgclan.info) quality server. Vary friendly....... just a lot of lag, and is likely not to be online, since it is hosted on my macbook. The only rules are: no spawn killing or spawn "griefing"; keep the spawnpoint fairly natural, and try to not make lag. The server is online around when this was posted, but can be online a few hours back. When the server is online, im proboly online to.

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