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Recent Mac download?


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I've got my Tekkitlite set to a specific version. This afternoon, when launched, it downloaded some libs from minecraft.net (apparently, a set of native stuff), and it now lags like molasses (F3 gives me something like 2 fps).

Two questions: why did it download libs when I've not asked to upgrade? Anyone else got this problem?

*** EDIT ***

Just tried to restore my version. It does not matter what I configure, it does download a new set of libs, despite my restoring the old libs.

It then prompts me if I want to upgrade the pack, but then it already did overwrite the libs before asking!

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Ok, it turns out that the launcher was upgraded early, and applies Java 7 libs on your Technic install. Of course, if you can't run Java 7, it causes all kinds of problems, making running tekkitlite an impossibility, unless you purchase a new version of Mac OS X.

Apparently, there's no option to stay in a working version; you are prompted AFTER the upgrade took place. How... disappointing.

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