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Liquiducts not working


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i started to make some molten redstone with magma crucible, then i transfered it to liquid transposer. Now i need to move the machines to another place and i didn't wanted to lose my liquid so i am trying to transer it from the transposer to a tank.

I've connected the transposer and tank with liquiducts, but nothing is happening, i tried to set them up somehow with wrench but nothing has changed.

I also tried to give there redstone torch and lever.

Is there a bug or am i doing something wrong?




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Actually, if using a liquiduct from a liquid transposer:

1. make sure output (yellow) is set to the side where your liquiduct is

2. make sure that transposer is set to empty mode (empty water bucket symbol)

Tested just fine on 1.2.2 Big Dig

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