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Severe Lag(Mac)


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Last week, my tekkit would run, (minimum smooth lighting, fast graphics, normal render distance) at about 45 FPS witha maximized window. I havent played this week because ive been busy, but now when i play on the default window size i get 20 fps, same settings as above, and on maximized window, i get no more than 5 fps. Anyone know what might be causing this?

EDIT: tried tekkit lite, classic, and hack/mine, and they had the same issue. Might be a launcher problem then

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Yeah I suspect the Launcher Updates to the /bin files (jinput.jar, lwjgl_util.jar, lwjgl.jar, natives, and minecraft.jar) are to blame. Really not happy that this fix was rolled out to provide Java 7 support, WHICH WE NEVER NEEDED. Technic Devs, if you are listening, PLEASE rollback your changes so Mac users aren't hit by this issue. I'd rather have a stable, playable system than support for a framework we don't yet need. When Minecraft hits 1.6, we apparently might have to have Java 7 support, but until then we are happy to play on Java 6.

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