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  1. Fusion power is, for all intents and purposes, infinite. Considering it turns water into fuel for the reactor, and water source blocks are infinite when used with an aqueous accumulator, once you have enough resources to get a fusion reactor with tons of turbines online, infinite power. At least, the setup on my server requires no maintenance and no outside tweaking to keep running once its going.
  2. Sorry for resurrecting a zombie thread but I tried out this build last night. I found the Cobblestone/Obsidian generator to be too unreliable, occasionally the Cryotheum creeps all the way across and consumes the lava source block. MFR's Lava Fabricator + TE Igneous Extruder/Aqueous Accumulator is a much better solution for infinite obsidian, given a stable power source.
  3. Try using Steam Dynamos to power the Pulverizer instead. Stirling Engines can only provide BuildCraft power (MJ), and the Pulverizer needs Redstone Flux power (RF) to work.
  4. Great quarry guide Curunir! Its taken me quite a long time of trial and error to learn all this stuff on my own, but for those not familiar with Quarries this is a godsend. One other thing you can do to maximize output from a quarry is hop in the hole once it hits 20 or so and use a silk touch pick on all Lapis Ore, Redstone Ore, Diamond Ore or Emerald Ore you find. I also like to grab Certus Quartz (at pretty much all levels), which can be a bottleneck into getting a massive AE network going. Throw the ores into a pulverizer for cinnabar, double diamonds/emeralds/certus and heaps of lapis and redstone.
  5. Reset your pack by clicking the gear button on the Tekkit icon on the launcher and choosing reset.
  6. Are you sure the cells are configured to output to the conduit sides? Blue = IN, Orange = OUT. Also, not sure if the prechargers will pull any power unless they have a laser drill to output to.
  7. I've got a vanilla 1.2.7b server running and memory use is out of control. After initial startup, it's using between 2.5 and 3GB of RAM, but after X time it gobbles up all available memory on the server and peaks at 9.5GB. I'm hoping 1.2.8e is better.
  8. Starting at 1.2.6, Tekkit changed pretty drastically. It isn't recommended to load a 1.1.x world with 1.2.x. http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/tekkit-126-minecraft-164-recommended-build-is-live.67
  9. I was able to automate making Minium Stones with an AE Network based on the info in this thread. The trick to the Inert Stone is make an export bus that connects to the bottom of the Aludel, so one is always being injected into the top slot. Minium Dust is made on demand then piped into the bottom slot via ME Interface. Import Bus on the bottom only removes the completed Minium Stone. Thanks guys!
  10. http://calclavia.com/atomic-science/documentation/strange-matter/ "The only way to obtain Dark Matter is by colliding two particles from a Particle Accelerator together. The particles must be traveling at more than 50% velocity; only then will they have a 5% of exploding and producing Dark Matter. The explosion created by the particle(s) do not hurt the player, and are entirely harmless. The minimum distance a particle must travel to explode is two blocks from the accelerator. Note that BOTH particles have to reach 50% velocity. It will appear in the Inventory slot of the Accelerator if successfully created."
  11. I'm seeing the same EnderStorage crash for the 1.2.8d server in OS X, HeatHunter. For some reason the 1.2.8d client does launch in OS X with no issues, an improvement over 1.2.8c.
  12. What OS and Java version are you using? Fair number of Mac users running into this crash, myself included.
  13. The problem for OS X Users is that you may have both Java 6 JRE and Java 7 JRE installed. The Java 7 JRE in the Internet Plugins folder will run the Technic Launcher, but is not the default JRE for JAR files; Java 6 is. It takes some fiddling to force the system to use the Java 7 JRE instead of the Java 6, but its doable. Not by any means something most users would even be able to figure out on their own, or even guided to. I've run into these issues in the past, and Java 7 performance is less than desirable due to some oddities with LWJGL. The Technic team needs to investigate this as pretty much all OS X users are going to run into this, and won't be able to work around it without some significant understanding of Unix command-line. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12757558/installed-java-7-on-mac-os-x-but-terminal-is-still-using-version-6
  14. I've found them in the Deep Dark dimension added by Extra Utilities. Have fun with that, I wouldn't recommend going there until you have an upgraded power suit and jetpack; night vision is a must. Bring plenty of torches, staying in the darkness for too long starts to damage you.
  15. I'm having the same problem trying to run the launch.sh script in OS X 10.9. Seems Project Red doesn't like Java 7 Update 51: 2014-03-20 10:42:35 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] An error occurred trying to configure the minecraft home at /Users/dustinn/Downloads/Tekkit_Server_v1.2.8c/. for Forge Mod Loader java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: mrtjp/projectred/compatibility/CompatibilityCorePlugin : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 I'm also unable to launch the 1.2.8c client in OS X, TechnicLauncher opens the minecraft window, which disappears on its own. The same line is present in the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log.
  16. If only there were a forum to discuss such issues.
  17. Controllers have a GUI that indicates how much power they draw, and can be toggled between AE units, universal electricity, MJ, etc. I'll try placing a buffer cell on the controller.
  18. Redstone Energy conduit. Not a bandwidth problem, I think. Having the same issue even after removing all MFR machines, but am using an AE network powered by the same grid. I've taken to placing hardened leadstone energy cells on each machine, directly inputting power seems to always work. As the problem seems to intermittently fix itself, for the times it is happening my machines can fall back to draining the directly connected Cells, even if the cells aren't charging. Can't figure it out!
  19. I've been having some problems with Thermal Expansion machines intermittently losing power when there is plenty of power available in the power grid. I have Redstone Energy Cells storing power (Magma Dynamos inputting via Redstone Energy Conduit to the Cell) and Redstone Energy Conduit running power to a series of TE machines. There are also some MFR machines on the grid that don't seem to be affected, are still functioning and drawing power from the Cell. I can temporarily resolve the issue by picking up the machines and/or conduit, or by wrenching various connections into other machines. Picking up the machines is less than ideal since their configuration is reset and they lose any power they've stored. Everything is fine after fixing them for a couple Minecraft days, then the issue occurs again. I don't know if the presence of MFR machines on the grid are causing it, but the Conduit should be able to transfer both MJ and RF to the machines on the grid. I'm going to try removing all MFR machines from the grid and see if that helps, has anyone else run into this issue?
  20. Thermal Expansion's Portable Tanks are better than BuildCraft's liquid tanks. They can be upgraded to hold up to 64 buckets (64,000 mB) of liquids, and can be picked up with a wrench and placed elsewhere. Basic tank is crafted with 1 copper in the middle, 4 glass blocks on the sides and top and bottom. http://wiki.technicpack.net/Portable_Tank The wiki is woefully out of date, I've fixed the page for the tank so it is more accurate.
  21. You can also just hold a Leadstone Energy Cell in your inventory, and the power suit will drain that cell for power. Save weight on the power suit by not needing to install any batteries.
  22. Has anyone ever told you that you are their hero, Plow? Much thanks.
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