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MCPC Inventory Death Bug


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Just thought I would share some information on a bug I worked all weekend to fix, with no luck, only to just mod the original code as a last resort, and it turned out way easier!

The info: I use MCPC+ for bukkit support. Its amazing. I am just some dude, I don't know that team at all. Anyhow Build #431 is the last one the I can get working on my tekkit server that uses a bukkit plugin for world creation. There is a bug that makes your inventory invisible after respawn, until you use something or relog. It wreaked havoc with my royalcommands worldmanager creative/survival inventory separation. A few builds in th efuture from #431 fixed it, but also updated forge and breaks bukkit based multiworlds (for 1.5.1, there is a fix now for 1.5.2 but tekkit runs on 1.5.1). So after trying everything else, I managed to download the source code from 431 and make the change from the changelog that fixed this bug. And it works! So you are welcome to it. All this pertains to mc 1.5.1. btw.

TL:DR if you use MCPC and bukkit based multiworlds for tekkit (or any server for 1.5.1 clients), this is the most up to do version that will not break all your worlds that are not the main one, plus a bug fix.

if you don't use MCPC and are interested but don't know how- just replace the tekkit.jar with the jar in this zip file. (I rename mine to Tekkit.jar for my hosting service) After starting your server, you will have a plugin directory. Careful! Back up your worlds and all that, cause you never know. then you drop bukkit plugins (get the versions designed for 1.5.1, but sometime other versions work) into that plugin folder and reboot and you have done it.

Finally, I have never coded java, or compiled ANYTHING successfully in my life. I just hacked through this, but my server is running, ill post any problems if they crop up.

Good Luck! Have Fun!

BTW---this is NOT a tekkit bug. This is a fix for a MCPC+ bug as used for this version of tekkit, that's why I posted here and not bug reports...

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Trying to remember, but you must set the chicken chunks "cleanup orphan chuncks" or something like that, to 0, which will disable that feature.This is all fixed up in the 1.5.2 versions of mcpc and it looks like the next tekkit is almost going to rec, so might as well wait, or just use the 1.1.5.

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Well now the sky works. I just re-install all files. Any way now new bug after i made the world and i go in after few min the world blocks disappear and i start fall true world.... Then i logout and rejoin and world is back then same thing happen... I am trying to setup tekkit 1.5.1 2 days now i download over 100 files and come so far now multiworld is f*** me...

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