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Weapons factory help


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On my world I am building a weapons factory that automatically builds weapons

My factory is in it's infant stage and it is currently only producing nukes, sapphire swords, and mining lasers

How the factory produces the weapons: the factory is divided up into rooms making their own weapon, in the room there are crystal chest full of the materials to make the weapon and the materials are pumped (with buildcraft pipes) into a automatic crafting table, then then the finished weapon gets pumped into crystal chests, I call these producers "units"

This system worked well with the nukes but not so much with the swords and mining lasers

My problem with the sword room it works out for a little while, but when the stick amount on the crafting table reaches 64, the sticks start going backwards into the pipes into the stick chest or the sapphire chest. (The pipes join before they get to the crafting table) I find this issue quite annoying

Since the energy crystals needed to make mining lasers don't stack they will outright refuse to go into the crafting table and go back into the chest (the pipes for the mining laser don't join they go into the top, left, right and back of the table and the mining lasers go out the front) I tried fixing this problem with a automatic crafting table MKII but that didn't work. I think it works by (remember, I could be wrong) that you make the recipe on the bottom and you pipe in the materials and when enough materials get in, the produced is created, but this won't work with my mining laser.

If you need any more information to help me just ask

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