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What to do when bored?


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well you havent told us what you have been doing so its a bit hard to give a useful response

but one i suppose is settign up an AE system, and manually work a quarry, (no machines, just you and your pickaxe :))

go pigman hunting in the nether, im pretty sure you can have quite a bit of fun with this, ive spent hours mindlessly killen em, never seems to get old

Go Exploring the landscape, see what Shots you can take

find a nice place to build and let your mind go absolutely nuts, become part of the level designers crew parhaps?

Build a Roller Coaster

Build a huge train line

Try and keep a village alive or blow it up

tnt creations are pretty popular too

Be a Farmer

Build a Big Boat and pretend to be a pirate

Build a medieval Castle, pretend to be a King

all this stuff can be done in survival, its the collecting of what you need to build with is what will keep you busiest :)

but seriously Bezz whatever comes to mind, this game is all about imagination, just let it fly and time will slip by (see what i did there? hehe)

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