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[0.6.5]Pyke[10 Slot][AllMods][18+][Chicago Based], [5 current active players].

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If your looking for a nice place to chill, give us a try. Here's a quick image album of our server:



  • IP:
  • Channel: Minecraft
  • Password: mario


  • Age 18+
  • Microphone
  • No griefing. (Instant ban to those who do)

We back-up the server every morning and run a forced manual save just before that. We pay for a 20 slot server but only will use 10 of those slots in order to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. It costs more but it's worth it, we don't ask for donations but any donation will get you admin rights.

You can build with us, by yourself, or bring along a friend and build together. We prefer US based clients for a lag free experience. Currently we have all mods activated, but if mods like Dimensional Doors start to weigh heavy on the server we will ask that we cut back on its use and if it gets bad we will disable it. Our server is slowly growing into a Tier 3 (3 HV Solar Arrays, 2,800eu/t reserve nuclear power) but we've got plenty left to do.


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