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Space Station and lost launch pad?


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Just got into the space business of tekkit / galacticraft. When I take a rocket to the moon, I get my rocket, fuel cannister, and the launch pad in my chest/inventory. When I fly to a space station, I get the rocket and fuel, but no launch pad. Am I missing something here? It's getting expensive, re-crafting launch pads after each flight to the space station.

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I'm hoping the mechanics for launch pads and rockets is altered a bit, it's kind of funky to have your pad travel with you. Especially complicates things if you return to the Overworld in a different way, such as jumping into space from the Space Station or using a Dimensional Door or Linking Book.

I get that the Rocket requires a pad to launch, but maybe they should be left behind, and the system detects whether or not you have a spare pad with you when you launch (similar to how it detects if you have a parachute or not).

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