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Help on adding additional mods to Big Dig


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I am playing on the latest Big Dig version, 1.3.5. I have always been a fan of the Mo Creatures mod (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/81771-152-mo-creatures-v522-with-raccoons-ants-mini-golems-silver-skeletons-and-more-fish/) for the hostile mobs, animals, aesthetic creatures, and horses.

Also, I am a fan of Thaumcraft 3 (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1585216-thaumcraft-305e-updated-2652013/) and the addons for it that can apply to Big Dig (Thaumic bees and Thaumic Tinkerer). I could just go to some other modpack for these extra mods, but I enjoy the world generation in Big Dig in that I can spend less time mining and more time experimenting with cool mods.

I have relentlessly attempted to add these mods, all 6 of them (4, including the requirements for Mo Creatures. I can get the Thaumcraft mods to work, and am also able to install the Mo Creatures mod, but no animals appear in the game. I can spawn them in with the "Insta-Spawner" that is included, but they do not spawn naturally. The blocks and items appear in NEI, but I still can't see the animals.

I have attempted things such as changing my forge version, messing with the configs, etc.

If anyone could assist me in adding these mods to work with Big Dig, I would be grateful. I may or may not require a step-by-step instruction depending on how difficult it is to add them.

Or, if it is simply impossible, just tell me; and thanks for reading this wall of text.

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For adding Thaumcraft 3 just download the latest one and stick it in the mod folder. Look around your world and see if you can see infused ore. If not it might not of all generated. So you can save, close minecraft, go to Thaumcrafts config file and change these to true:

world_regeneration {





Also change


So that is says anything other than default.

Game will lag for a while as it generators all the items in the are your in. You'll want to keep these settings for a while so anytime you visit an area the items are generated, if they weren't done before the world was created.

I think Thaumcraft is a big bugged in Big Dig though at moment as if you spawn in the goggles of revealing and drag them to your head the game crashes.

Other mods not sure about.

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Thanks for the reply. Let me reiterate:

I have already installed (and know how, too) all the mods on top of big dig correctly. This includes being in the correct folders and such.

As for in game, the trees such as Silverwood and Greatwood spawn, but I can't seem to find any infused stone. I have applied your advice to the configuration for Thaumcraft world_regeneration but it had no effect on the game.

I believe you are correct, thaumcraft is buggy with big dig. I think mo creatures is, too.

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