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Looking for a server

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Im looking for a good server to join

Im 25 and have a lot of experience with ic2, buildcraft, and redpower but not tekkit specificly. Id like to find a server with ADULTS on it, not by age but by maturity. I like to do civil engineering eg. Rail stations, cities, technical builds and Im good with redstone. Hopeing for something preferably whitelisted. VOIP is always nice, but not required. Please hit me up :D

-Glimprime MOD EDIT: No. If you didn't join and immediately post and actually spent time reading our rules you would have been ok.

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I've been running a tiny server (3 acive players :P) with some friends. We're all adults, and have been working together learning about tekkit's mods and how to use them. We currently don't have much configured yet, but you're welcome to join: turnet.no-ip.org:25565. If your IGN is the same as here on the forum, you're whitelisted ;P.

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