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Best Level for Quartz on an Overworld Superflat?

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ok heres the scenario,

i am playing online with a few friends, each of us has a specific job, im the Miner and resource manager

here's my problem, after playing extensively with AE on singleplayer i had recommended to my friends that they let me build a network for each of them, they both liked the idea after i had told them about the massive storage benefit

problem is, i cant find quartz anywhere, ive strip mined a fair bit in between 65 and 10, most of its been in levels 40, 20, 10 and in between, ive found everythign that you can find in tekkit lite and vanilla, i've found: copper, tin, silver, iron, gold, diamonds (not many but found some :D), lead.. redstone, coal, nikolite and all the gems.... but.... No quartz, ive managed to mine up over 300 of each ore and not a single quartz, anyone know the best level on a superflat world to find it? in a reg singleplayer world id find quartz on any level, or is it just a case of blind luck for superflat? im pretty sure that being superflat wouldn't remove quartz generation... since everything else has been generated

all help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance :D

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