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Can you use a Technicpack world on tekkit?

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I've attempted to use the world i created and played on in Technic, NOT tekkit, And it just crashes and goes to a white screen,I THINK im in minecraft 1.1.0, when i tried to play It in single player tekkit half the world was missing and then it crashed, I dont know if theres a converter or anything but i'd appreciate any help.

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Not sure if i'm allowed to say that, but your nickname... Well, nevermind, don't want to get banned again.

If it would be possible, there would be only one Modpack.

There are more items in SSP than in SMP. Why do you think this is so? *cough*incompatibility*cough*

Have a nice day with your very own messed up world.

EDIT: Slightly pissed of ppl are vulnerable to trolls.

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