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IC2 & RP manual removal


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So I started a new map on the update and finished last night with one quarry ready to go. However, I wanted to go back to 1.2.2 to look at Deep Storage Units as I have a lot of resources and realised they'd be perfect for the sorting system.

Now I've had an idea, as I've been trying to import the old map to the new update but always crashing.

The new idea is to load it in 1.2.2 see everything running fine, quit, try to manually remove IC2 and RP from 1.2.2 and then load the map again. Hopefully an IC2 and RP items will have vanished but won't crash. Then I can save the map & hope it then loads fine in the newer version.

Anyone know if this idea is likely to work? And which parts I need to remove IC2 manually?

Reason I think it might work is I did, a while ago, load the map in vanilla minecraft. It loaded fine and just removed everything related to all the mods.

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I assume this isn't possible? I've tried removing the zips but Big Dig has a fit due to IC2 being missing etc (this is in 1.2.2). I was looking round the config files but can't find an option to disable. How do people disable mods when they run servers? I was thinking of that approach instead? Failing that, would a world editor work?

Trying all this in the hope I can save this world to use in the new version of Big Dig.

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