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  1. - Minecraft Name: logoman45 - Age: 15&1/2 (turn 16 on august 16th (yes, i realize how ironic that is)) - Skype: logoster - Why you want to join me: Have fun, and help you out with your youtube series (and plus i actually need some youtube videos to record anyway) - Youtube channel (I don't care how good your content is): www.youtube.com/user/mysteryboyee - How dedicated are you?: i can play most day's - Why should you be picked?: i know everything there is to know about everything minecraft (other then vannila, so basically i'm like direwolf20) have been playing MC since 1.2.4
  2. Only thing i'm curious about is why the ME Chest is banned? (just curious)
  3. have another screenshot (taken this month) Anyone Order an Ibishu Covet?
  4. oh, whoops, forgot a link to the game itself, LOL: Main Website: http://www.beamng.com $15 Alpha: http://www.beamng.com/alpha Free TechDemo: http://www.beamng.com/techdemo
  5. So, what is BeamNG Drive, well, its a soft-body physics game, that uses the physics engine (BeamNG, which is created, by beamng , as is BeamNG Drive), and the graphics engine Torque3D, its an AMAZING game, however, it is in Early Alpha, so really all there is to do, is crash car's, and of course, there are going to be bugs, hence, EARLY ALPHA, as well as do demo derby's using the Murderous ai (you can spawn multiple car's in the full alpha game, press CTRL+T, and set ai to chasing player) and, like the name says, will murdurize your vehicle Planned Features: Local MP Demo Derby's Racing game-mode(mp, and ai) Local and Online Multiplayer Murderous ai (still being worked on, but does work for the most part) Street Legal Racing: Redline like career mode Full Engine damage (radiator, fuel lines, things like that) Weather system (rain, snow, things like that) Day/Night system (does work, but is disabled by defualt, to enable, go to world editor (F11) search TOD, and check the "Play" variable, or you can manually change the time of day) and much, much more Some of my pics: crash of the Gavril H45 Cargo Box Upfit, at 118mph there is actually fuel implmentation in the game, and using the console, you can manually change the fuel level, anyway though, the dashboard fully works, so check engine lights, abs lights, low fuel lights (as shown in this picture) and things like that all work
  6. OH, so you made it for cracked minecraft user's? THAT'S HORRIBLE, GET OUT OF HERE, NAO
  7. oh, this thread made my day , lol, anyway though, at op, ..., WHY?!?!??!, why would you even try posting, when lukeb28 obviously has a much better tutorial then you :/
  8. hmmm, that would defintley be interesting, as i belive they'd then have to code there own game engine, instead of using java
  9. i really dont understand any of this permissions shit, well i kind of do, but not by much, its a game, and these are mods to the game, if minecraft was never invented, no one would be able to make mods for it, does it really matter that much? all anyone should care about is that they at least get credit for making the mod, and that people have fun, hence why i use technic, ftb, and dns techpack (dont yell at me, i like all mod packs the same, as all they are, are a bunch of mods put together for easier setup of mods, instead of manually finding the ones you want, and downloading them, of coruse, technicly the pack maintainers still have to do that, to put the pack together in the first place, but thats essentially what a mod pack is, is a bunch of mods put to gether for easier setup of mods, is it not? hence why i like diff mod packs, as they all have mods that the other may not, but like i said in an earlier post, if i absolutley had to choose a pack, it woudl be technic, because well, that was the first modpack i ever used (when i was cracked unfrotnley, but mods is like the #1 thing that convinced me to buy mc, the number #2 thing was how fun and awesome minecraft is)(im probably going to get banned for this post unfrotnley, so that sucks, but i really see no reason for this war between all the mod creators, permsisions, and mod pack's, its all pointless to fight over this if you ask me, just be glad that the mojang team are endorsing/making it easier for mod devs to make mods, via the modding api, unlike some game companys *cough* Rockstar with gta *cough*)))))) (put a bunch of end parenthesees because i lost track of how many i started, lol) (and this is my opnion on this whole permission vs mod pack creators and mod pack's vs other mod packs thing, its aboslutley rediculous, on a semi off-topic part, im really hoping i dont get banned for this post)
  10. question, what are your guys's specs? as im on integreated graphics, and get around 35-60 fps in ftb, even in dire's world (which is actually quite intensive, considering he has so much stuff going on at once) (in case your wondering, here's my exact specs: CPU: Quad Core i5-3330 @ 3ghz ram: 8gb ddr3 @ 1600mhz gpu: intel hd 2500 (and like i said, im on integreated graphics ) the rest of the info really shouldnt effect minecraft, other then hdd read/write speeds, but only when loading minecraft and minecraft worlds/saves) also, i play both, as i like both, if i had to choose though, defintley technic, as it was actually the first time i ever played with mods (other then when i found out about dw20, and could not get his s4 lets play mods put together completley, and hence only had a few mods, i was however, able to get the main one that interested me working, logistics pipes , which is now completley outdated, and replaced by applied energsitics, lol)
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