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Welcome to Wanted-PvP

Hello I am Tom the owner of Wanted-PvP; Wanted is a new Voltz server that has been open for 3 days. We have had a steady stream of players on but nowhere near to filling the 100 slots; the server is using bukkitforge so that we can add as many of the best plugins to the server as we can. We have things such as Factions, Chest-shop, Essentials and many other plugins to try and create a fun environment for the players to be a part off. We also take your support very serious if there is something that you think the server is missing than why don’t you send me a email [email protected] and before you know it it will be on the server.


Start of the new spawn.

Server Rules

No.1 Respect the staff and players.

No.2 Keep bad language to a minimum.

No.3 No hacking/Glitching.

No.4 NoX-ray Texture’s.

No.5 Tryto help and have fun.

Server banned items:

Red matter

Red matter missiles

Tinker table

Arm bots.

Major Plugins On The Server Include:



Expected Uptime:

The uptime should be 95%-100% The Company that I host the server with have done a very good job of keeping the server online up to date.

We also have a few sneaky tricks to keep the server online as much as we can. All the staff uses a app on their mobile device that can control the server thought the console. So if the server goes down it can be back up within minutes as I know I am always checking it if I am not online myself.

Finally the server has very good bandwidth speeds witch mean there is next to no lag on the server.


App used from my phone


The £5 Gift voucher.

We are giving away free £5 gift vouchers for our buycraft shop this is to help the players get started on their long joinery’s and also so they can realise that we do care about all our players on the sever and would hate to lose any of them.

How to redeem your voucher.

1.Log of to wantedpvpstore.buycraft.net

2.Enter your username to log on.

3.Select the thing you would like to get free with you voucher.

4.Add the items/ranks to the basket.

5.Click the checkout button.

6.Enter the code it the “redeem code” box.

7.Enter “wanted”

8.There you have £5 free J

Quick over view of the server.

[Kind and caring staff]

[Many plugins to optimize enjoyment]

[Lag free]

[Very good uptime]

[Good donator ranks]

[staff that will help mould the server into pure amazingness]

[100 Slots]


And the best thing of all………. Voltz

We have been voted the top voltz server on planetminecraft.

Just one last thing…..

The IP J:

2013-05-27_17.36.13.png The current spawn.

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