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[1.0.13]Dead Mans Gaming VOLTZ SERVER! [Grief][Raid][WAR][NO LAND CLAIMING!][ECONOMY][SHOP]


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Hey Everyone!

Come join this awesome Voltz Server!




Do not use racial or sexual slurs.

Do not abuse the shop.

Do not wear Power Armour or Obsidian Armour in the Boss Arena's.

Do not disrespect players or staff.

Do not spam the chat.

Do not advertise other servers.

Do not heavily harass or troll another players.

Do not hack, exploit or use client sided mods other than the ones installed in the Voltz modpack.

Do not use explosives on the map for no reason. (Not raiding or blowing up someone's base) Lets keep it pretty okay?

Do not abuse the /back command. You will be punished severely.

Do not bait players.

Raiding Rules


If a player teleports you to them asking for assistance, you may not raid or attack them.

If a player teleports you to them asking for assistance, you may not record their coordinates for later use.

Do not raid or grief a group you are part of.

You may not spawn camp the players you are raiding.

You may use a block to climb up to normally unreachable places.

Do not give out coordinates of a group you are or were staying at unless you've left for 2 days.

If you have been out of the group for 2 days, you then may go back and raid it.

If you have been out of the faction for 2 days, you then may give out the cords.

If you offer to mine, hunt, or farm with somebody, you may not kill them.

Do not place lava under a logged off player to kill them once they join.

Do not dig a hole under a logged off player to kill them once they join.

Every Man For Themselves


Griefing is Allowed

Stealing is Allowed

Combat is Allowed

Using any form of missile/explosive on someone for whatever reason is Allowed

Banned Items


The Armbot has been banned because it is used for duplication of items, as well as when you break it, it gives you two armbots. Banned until fixed by a Voltz update.

The Power tool has been restricted to the donator/VIP groups, as well as it could be used to duplicate items.

The Red Matter Explosive Missile has been banned, due to the inability to locate where these are launched. This is mainly for a safety feature. (Example: Someone fires a red matter explosive, we would have no way of knowing where the black hole is to remove it from further map destruction, as well as lag prevention.)


Looking forward to seeing you there!

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