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How do i get essentials working for /home and /sethome etc.. could somone explain it.. i tried downloading latest essentials and bukkitforge.. but it simply crashed the server..

So could somone give exact link for the versions i need and explain how to make them work on my server?

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Try MCPC-Plus instead of Bukkitforge. I finally got it working though I admittedly know next-to-nothing about plugins.

I downloaded the latest MCPC build that was compatible with Tekkit (in this case, the latest stable build appears to be 503; grab the "C503.jar" file for 1.5.1 compatibility). Instructions for installation are here, but I'll tailor them to the Tekkit install (because I found it very disconcerting the first time I changed important filenames that I really didn't understand).

(1) download that build mentioned above,

(2) replace the 'Tekkit.jar' file that starts up your server with the new MCPC-Plus file (just rename it Tekkit.jar; I saved the old one as Tekkit.jar.OLD just in case)

(3) since you've renamed the file, your batch file for executing the program should already be pointing at it, so you should be good to go

(4) after running the server once, the Plugins folder should be available. Drop in the 'essentials' plugin and restart the server...

(5) for me at least, way down on line 641 - 646, I had to make sure 'build:' and 'use:' were both set to 'false'. I'm still learning about permissions and it took me forever to figure out they were preventing me from just about any interaction with my world. There's probably another way to solve my problem, but that was the one I found.

Hope this helps and sorry if you knew most of that... I'm sure others could use the instructions.

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honestly, I have no idea. I'm already a number of builds behind you because I didn't bother updating to the one that I linked for you. Once I got it working for me, I filed it away to deal with at a later time... :-)

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