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  1. Ah -- that's not good; I can just see the exponential growth of duplicate posts... But I'm not complaining. My small work with the wiki a while back clued me in to how hard it is to keep all this up and running and current. Thanks for letting me know it wasn't just me.
  2. I try to be conscientious and dutifully perform searches before posting; however, I can't seem to get Search working any more (possibly since the transition to the newer forums -- I haven't been on for a while). The best part about that is that if there is a solution out there, I can't search for it... No matter what I search for, even if I see that word in the most recent post, I get 0 hits. So, forgive me if this is a duplicate of an older post. FYI - I tried both Chrome and IE browsers to see if it mattered (it didn't).
  3. sounds like you should post (or search) here: http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/project-1-technic-launcher/
  4. did you watch the videos and follow the instructions here: http://bdcraft.net/forum/128x64x32x-tekkit-smp-312-addon-pack ?
  5. there's another hotkey -- can't remember what... maybe N ? Check the key bindings
  6. It's in one of the T-Construct books (or at least one of the two recipes is there...), though it took me forever to notice it. And boy, did I feel stupid when I realized how hard I'd been looking for something so easy to obtain.
  7. Don't even bother hunting for moss; make it... Mossy Cobble (C = Cobblestone; W = Bucket of water): C C C C WC C C C Ball of Moss (M = Mossy Cobble): MMM MMM MMM Hope I'm remembering those right.
  8. make a lumber axe (or whatever it's called) in Tinker's Construct; add a ball of moss to it and it will even regenerate itself.
  9. Are both sides (sending/receiving) of the tesseract in loaded chunks?
  10. Also, note that you should be running the Tekkit.jar file, not the minecraft_server.jar file. In my experience, that is the most common reason for the behavior you described.
  11. What kind of commands are you using? If you are in the console, you know you don't need a slash in front of them, right?
  12. last thing I can think of, in case of a typo... go to your jre7/bin folder and right-click on java.exe. Select "Properties" and then copy/paste the exact line from the pat listed under Location. Of course, you'll still need a semicolon at the front. If that doesn't work, then I guess we need to find somebody else with another solution. Maybe try posting over here, where there's more server-operator traffic: http://forums.technicpack.net/forum/50-server-op-swap-shop/
  13. Then I'm guessing you have the wrong path. Did you verify that there is java.exe in that folder? Double-check the folder name and path. If possible, include a screenshot of the folder that contains java.exe just in case I can spot something.
  14. well, I'm guessing you need something more like ;C:Program FIles (86x)/Java/jre7/bin Sorry if I mistakenly described the path you need. Also, just making sure, you should verify that is where your 'java.exe' file is located. I probably should have been more specific about that as well.
  15. Try this -- again, you'll need to know where your java is installed. You'll insert the path to the bin folder and you should be good. http://java-buddy.blogspot.com/2012/01/set-path-for-jdk-7-on-windows-8.html
  16. I'm happy to answer questions, but I'm not sure where you are stuck. The link I provided (above) has instructions for various operating systems. When you follow those instructions, where do you get stuck? On my system, I look for "Path" under "System Variables", click "Edit...", scroll to the end of the list, then add a semicolon followed by the directory path I shared above. You'll have to verify the specific location of your java bin file on your own system. You'll find it somewhere in program files, java/jre7/bin (or whatever version you have).
  17. It sounds like you need to set the correct path for java. Read this: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/path.xml For example, on my system, I had to add the following to the path variable: C:Program Filesjavajre7bin I believe each entry is separated by a semicolon ( ; ).
  18. You sure you have the right rod, for instance? Sometimes one wrong piece can muck up the recipe.
  19. Could that be in 'underground' mode? Try pressing semicolon ( ; ) to toggle it.
  20. I've not had good luck with any containers other than tanks -- and even those don't seem to work unless they are directly adjacent to the controller. Now, maybe it's just me... I ended up running a couple of portable tanks connected via liquiduct to my smeltery tank and that made it easier to keep lots of lava stored. But I think you can absolutely add lava to seared glass; I just don't know if it'll pull from it like a tank. I sort of doubt it.
  21. you need to get the version that matches the version of Minecraft you are playing -- and Tekkit Classic runs on MC1.2.5
  22. That sounds like a server issue. When you run the server, it needs to be from the BTeam.jar file, not the minecraft_server.jar file. I'm not sure how your server is run, but for example the launch.bat file should refer to BTeam.jar.
  23. Are any other mod blocks disappearing when laid down? Or just the launchpad?
  24. did you get the 64 bit version from the "OLDER VERSIONS" near the bottom? The one marked "for MC 1.2.5/1.3.0"? That's the version used in Tekkit Classic.
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