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Calculating Bandwidth For Server

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Now i am preparing to make a server which is going to 24/7

I know this law of .3MB/s Per player so that means 18Mb Per Minute per player? So an hour for a player playing is around 1gb? and if that assumption is right 20players playing for 1 hour = 20gb of bandwidth? Is that right :s?

Cuase i was wondering maybe if 1 tb was enough for a server to run for around 20 to 30 players to start off . its gonna be 24/7 .

We have the basic plugins and all but we have towny if it makes a difference .

- Regards

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lol! noooo you dont need that much!

My server is ranging from 5-15 players each day (because day/night, different time zones) and the most I've used is 8gb in a day

I have about 25 plugins plus (Obviously) all the tekkit mods.

1tb per month will BE PLENTY! lol

It also depends on the amount of machines/items but i would say in a day you will never go over 20gb

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