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Latest update broke everything D:

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Hey guys,

Today I wanted to play some Big Dig again and it kept asking for updating. On the older build (MC 1.4.7) I added a lot of mods myself, so I didn't want to update to break my world. It kept freezing when I press connect, so after a few minutes I decided to update. New world, fine.

Game is running fine, update went good, but everytime I start the game, it forgets my name and password and it always says it can't connect to minecraft.net. I have to run it in offline mode and everytime I close the game, it forgets everything...

Is there a way to fix this? Is the launcher I have already outdated?

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Never mind, figured out the problem. The new system of Mojang where you migrate your account also changes your login name and password.

For the record: You got to log in with your Mojang email and password if you migrated your account. Totally forgot that..

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