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NEI stack overflow issue


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So was check the NEI for the world anchor again, just curious as it seemed bugged in the BigDig 1.2.2.

Anyway, so in the search box I was typingroughly:

world anc

and nothing. Then:


And BANG! It broke, just typing the c.

I recovered it on my test world and recreated it, attempting to type anchor. As soon as I get to c it causes the search box to disappear and constant stack overflows.

This eventually, slowly causes Minecraft to freeze or crash.

I have 64GB of RAM (I run VMs) and allocated 16GB to the launcher. Still makes no difference.

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Yeah I was just checking to see if the world anchor had been removed due to the mess it was causing before. It would randomly just wreck the whole area it was in, wiping out anything that was in that area. Just had another NEI crash not sure if related to earlier issues.

Looking at your link now, that is exactly the issue, will do as it says and hope don't see it again.


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Appears I was part of the problem. Having noticed it was now doing it when I typed Pipes I knew they were part of Buildcraft. Which I updated recently. Seems that's not a good idea :) gone back to old one that comes with BigDig. Now seems OK on a test map where it was perma buggered.

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