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powering quarry with nuclear reactor using phased conductive pipes


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Hey guys, i'm having issues here, as in...cant get quarry to work using phased conductive pipes

Just built my nuclear reactor and I don't want all these wires everywhere. I can't seem to find any up to date vids on this subject.

So to make it clear.

I want to power my quarry with my Nuclear Reactor by connecting the 2 using Phased conductive pipes.

Any and all information appreciated. Thank you

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Nuclear reactor uses IndustrialCraft's EUs, quarry needs Buildcraft MJ. You will need some power converters (IC consumer, Energy Bridge and BC producer).

You can also use Energy Tessaracts and Redstone Energy Conduits instead of Phased/other conductive pipes. Depends on what you prefer. Personally, I like this setup a bit more. But you'll still need an Energy Bridge.

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