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Well howdy, relatively new Youtuber here making videos a bit different to the usual let's plays. I am more of a creative guy than a survivalist, so I am starting to make videos relating to crafting, building and probably little tips and tricks videos related to Tekkit and Vanilla too :)

I've got quite a few lined up ready to upload and a few more on the way all related to building with Redpower. I should hopefully be making timelapse videos of a couple of builds, as well as quick how tos on details or just showing off a build. Well anyway here is my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/AleksandrsLV

Here is my first build showcase video, showing a detailed build:

and my most recent with a better production value with background music and a little graphic and stuff, but a lot shorter:

I was just wondering what people thought of my videos, any complements and crit welcome! My main goal at the moment is to try cut down the video length so I don't alienate potential audience, but without losing important content. The most recent video and the new view are kind of overview videos, and happy to go more in-depth if that is what the audience wants. Thanks for reading :)

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Thanks! I am currently a final year uni student so I'd like to think the bits that I lack in will improve once I have graduated, and hopefully will go on to making more cinematic stuff and maybe even stuff in C4D once I have the time to.

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Posted a view videos, all based on creating with Redpower including the most recent being a Timelapse. I'd love to know what people think! Thanks :)

Georgian Town Hall Front

1950s Cinema Front

British Terraced Shop Fronts

British Terraced Shops Updated design + Completed. Timelapse build.
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