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Fix for dispensers crashing server when redstone signal is applied. [3.1.2]

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Hey guys,

If you weren't already aware, an issue exists with Tekkit where dispensers will crash the server once a redstone signal is applied to them. This has nothing to do with redstone or dispensers themselves, but rather Balkon's Weapon Mod. This is what you'll see, or something to this effect:

at mod_WeaponMod.dispenseEntity(mod_WeaponMod.java:622)

at BaseMod.dispense(BaseMod.java:85)

at cpw.mods.fml.client.FMLClientHandler.tryDispensingEntity(FMLClientHandler.java:411)

at alj.c(BlockDispenser.java:172)

at alj.a(BlockDispenser.java:266)

I haven't done enough homework to know the story behind the dispenseEntity part of the mod_WeaponMod.class file, but it's pretty obvious that this is designed to alter the way dispensers work in order to allow vanilla dispensers to fire bolts and arrows etc., rather than just dumping them on the ground like a regular item.This is the issue that causes the crash - I don't know Java well enough to understand how and why this occurs, but I am capable of removing the code that causes it.

Of course, this means that dispensers will NOT shoot crossbow bolts and other Balkon's projectiles in the same manner as arrows. This is the best compromise, however, as allowing it results in server crashes and the only other feasible solutions are removing the mod or banning dispensers.

Disclaimer: Firstly, I apologise if a similar fix exists. I have scoured the internet and cannot find one. Secondly, use this edited mod at your own risk. I run it on my personal server and everything seems fine. Of course, feel free to run this on a test server to confirm that this is legitimate and safe. As always, BACK UP YOUR WORLD before using this .jar.

Message me for "BalkonsWeaponMod1.2.5.jar" either here or at [email protected] and I'll gladly send it! - Drop this into your mods folder and overwrite the original.

Happy Tekkiting! :)

~ Prez

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